These projects did take us an entire weekend, but it looks like we spent that time twiddling our thumbs. It’s an interesting period for us working on the bus. This project has been stewing in our imaginations for about a year, and now, we’re finally seeing it take on some life.

Early on, we decided to try and let go of our perfectionism in regards to this project. We’ve probably said this before, but like any creative project we do, this one will probably not live up to all of our ideals.

It will be ours, though. Imagine living in something that you totally designed! This is super exciting for us.

In this video, we started making our kitchen shelves. Our plan is for the kitchen to feel as open as possible. Jeremiah had the idea for the first level of our lower shelves to be slats, so we worked on finishing those. We’ll only have one set of drawers in the kitchen, and everything else will be open shelving.

The stairs function as storage for our water tanks, but also each individual stair will be a storage box that we’ll probably use for clothes. This week we build the lids for those storage boxes. We’ll build the actual boxes once we’ve finishing plumbing the bus.

We hadn’t planned on installing our Fan-tastic vent fan this week, but it’s been raining for days. One of our roof hatches sprung a leak. Luckily, we were in our bus when it started. So, we decided now was as good a time as any to put in the vent fan.

It’s installed and there are no more leaks!

Until next week.


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