As we mention in this video, we didn’t work on the bus last week because we were in the hospital with our daughter. You can go here, if you’d like to read more on that. This week, we didn’t work on the bus because the weather prevented it. Like we’ve said over and over again, this is how things go when working on a big project like this. I think that because we’re sort of newbies when it comes to doing something to the scale of our school bus conversion, we’re constantly surprised by interruptions, which seems silly.

Thank you all for your comments and support of our blog and YouTube channel so far. We passed 100 subscribers this week.

Woohoo!! Shout out to GloADV for being our 100th subscriber. If you’re interested in supporting us on Patreon, we want to showcase your support by putting your name on our bus! So, be sure to check that out soonish, as we will be painting our bus before it’s all over. Though, we’ll give an official update before that deadline comes.

This week Jeremiah was talking about macro and micro focus. Being that sometimes, it’s good to invest in small things like a bike chariot for our kids, and sometimes it’s good to invest in big things like our bus. Both are important for our lifestyle. It’s easy for us to stress out sometimes about where we’re putting our time and our resources, though.

The lesson for us this weekend is that it’s just as important to invest in living well in the present while you’re working towards living well in the future.

See you in the bus next weekend!

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