“Live your best life” is a phrase I’ve heard thrown around a lot lately. For us, that looks like taking risks and doing things that feel difficult in the moment, like building our tiny home, though, that definitely feels mostly exciting. It also looks like being intentional about investing in things that bring us joy, like the tiny home. . . and this climbing gym membership.

Like I mentioned in our last post, during Jeremiah’s birthday we invested in rest. Getting a membership at our local climbing gym was a part of that. Jeremiah and I used to climb together regularly before we got married, but we haven’t climbed in more than four years, since we got married. Climbing was Jeremiah’s thing. He used to climb daily with friends when he lived in Colorado, but like so many things, it went on the sidelines for a while.

Since we’re learning to invest in ourselves and our dreams again, getting a climbing membership feels fitting. It’s cool that this activity that we enjoy doing coincides with our work towards finishing our tiny home, too. We’ve even been throwing around the idea of going on a big road trip to hit climbing spots across the country once we’re finished with the bus. Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading and watching!


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