Really it was. After I finished editing this video, Jeremiah surprised me by saying it was his favorite so far. He said that I made such an ordinary, somewhat stressful day, look nice. Now, don’t get me wrong. We’re not trying to deceive you into thinking that our lives are all daisies and roses. Hardly! But life is beautiful all on its own, I think. Even on a day like this one where we spent the majority of our time running errands.

Like we’ve said before. This blog/vlog is a reflection of our journey towards tiny living. This vlog expresses this well. One day we’ll be living in our dream home–a tiny school bus–and we’ll have to come face to face with a huge lifestyle change. We live in a small house right now, but nothing as small as a school bus. It’s going to change the way we live.

Sometimes I think about how much more mundane life may seem some days once we’re in the bus, especially if it’s a season of stationary living, which makes me appreciate the journey all the more. I suppose that’s what the cliché saying’s getting at, right? “Life’s about the journey.” Because we never really reach that threshold we’re seeking. The threshold is always getting higher.

Maybe that’s encouraging? Some heavy thoughts for your day.

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