Jeremiah’s brother and sister-in-law didn’t get to join us for Christmas, as he’d just returned from some time overseas. Instead they came home for New Years. Because it’d been a year since we had seen them, we decided to make the road trip back to Kansas, too.

We like to do things like that. Sort of spontaneous. And road trips are one of our favorite things. Especially, after buying our Prius, road trips feel much less of a chore. We have been talking about what it would look like to take our bus on the road, too, and the more we talk about the idea, the more exciting it becomes.

Unfortunately, it is a bus, so gas mileage is awful. We follow a lot of people on social media who are doing trips like this, though. It seems feasible enough, but man do we still have lots of questions. All the questions.

If you’re thinking about doing a bus conversion, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask us how we do things, or try to connect to other people. Community is key to doing things like this successfully.

Thanks for reading and watching. Now, go out and make something crazy happen!



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