Today, Jeremiah celebrated his 28th birthday! I’ve known Jeremiah for about 10 of those birthdays, now, which is crazy to think about. It’s really been a joy for me to watch him grow into such a caring husband and loving father. He and I work well together; we’ve grown up together, and as a result, we’re both huge champions of each other’s dreams.

Building this tiny home has been such a challenging reward for us. It’s coinciding with a lot of major life things: school, work, child rearing, etc. We’re not able to stop this motion of our lives, so the bus project has become one among the throng of things our lives’s are propelling forward.

I think this is okay, though? Lately, Jeremiah and I have been talking about being hustlers. We’re okay with having a lot of things going on, as long as we can focus and finish the things we start. And with that we’ve discovered the importance of rhythm and rest. Jeremiah’s birthday was definitely a time of intentional rest. So much so that Jeremiah said this was one of his best birthday’s, yet!

I vlogged the entire birthday celebration, which spaned over two days, so stay tuned for the next post.

Thanks for reading and watching. Don’t forget to stop the buzz of activity in your life sometimes. Rest breeds more productivity!


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