Shortly before traveling up to Kansas to spend Christmas with our families. We learned that our bus batteries had frozen. Or at least that’s what we think happened. All we know for sure is that after having not started the bus for a while, the batteries had died and that for some reason even after having hooked them up to a charger for several hours they still wouldn’t hold a charge. After a diagnostic, O’Reilly’s said they’re no good. So, we have to buy new ones before we can start the bus up again. Newbie error, I guess.

We try to stay optimistic about these things because what can you do? Thankfully, our time in Kansas was restful and fun. It’s one of our favorite places to be for many reasons, but as a small town things move a bit slower, especially out on the farm.

One day maybe we’ll own some farm land. We talk a lot about it. We’ve never envisioned ourselves being totally nomadic, though we’re definitely open to it for a season. If we have land, one day, we’ll raise chickens and goats and have a big garden. Maybe we could do that in an urban setting, too, though?

It’s all worth dreaming about. If anyone has connections with the city of Tulsa, or has any ideas for how to get some ordinances changed about tiny homes, let us know! We’d also love to establish a tiny home community somewhere.

Thanks for reading and watching. Now, go make some crazy stuff happen!

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